VoIP Telephony

PBX - The Core

A PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a centralized unit that handles all calls and signals for a telephone system. It is the core component of any telephony system. iTs Jess Networks builds a system to best fit the customer's needs and budget whenever possible. We take into account all calling / call hendeling features that a customer needs and find the best IP PBX for the job. We select equipment that should "just work" and provide a headache-free experience. 


VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phones and devices are called endpoints. iTs Jess Networks implements the high quality VVX 50 series desk phones from Poly. If specific requirements call for different equipment, we will try to implement said endpoints.

Poly Endpoints

VVX 150

The VVX 150 is designed for uses where the device will not be used all of the time, such as a curtosey phone.

VVX 350

The VVX 350 is an amazing for for offices and those who handle medium to low call volumes.

VVX 450

The VVX 450 is a great phone for receptionist positions or for those who may be handeling higher call volumes.